As a parent, have you ever looked into those beautiful eyes of your four-year-old child and your heart exploded with love and you think all I want for this child is to be this happy forever.


What is it that we truly, honestly want for all our children?  If we are true to our parent intuition, we would say that we want our children to be happy.  We want them to not get addiction to anything and not want their life ended before ours.  I did sit at my dinner table one evening. I watched my son eat, talk about his day at school and tell corny jokes that just made me laugh anyway. Then I imagined. What if? What if this very child made one choice, one day, to try a drug.  A drug that would consume him the very first time he just tried it.  What if this child right here, telling me about his love for science decided things were too hard, peer pressure said there was an easier way, changed course and fell down the slippery slope of drug addiction?

My heart began to break into a million pieces just thinking about it and I could have cried right then and there.  All too often that’s a nightmare many parents have or will have to live.  Just because my child has not fallen victim to such behaviors, doesn’t me my heart doesn’t break for those who do. In fact, it motivates me even more.  I don’t want you to live that.  I don’t want even just one more child, regardless of who they are or what their situation is, to head down a path that would destroy an entire family or the families to come.

In essence, it is my problem.  If something so strong can break my heart, even if I haven’t experienced it first hand, I move.  I’m called to move. It is now my obligation to do my best and seek out answers.  This is your call too. I don’t feel any human can turn a blind eye to an epidemic of such mass proportion just because it doesn’t affect them directly.

One year ago, Cumberland County began an anti-drug coalition.  It encompassed all non-profit agencies, law enforcement, health care, Rehab Centers and any individuals interested in coming together to head into battle on the front lines of addiction.  As it is named, Cumberland County Rising, it is in the business of help, support and education in an effort to take back our children.  There should be droves of people in this county coming together to say, “I’m in. Tell me what to do!”.  Get involved, get educated. Take just one minute and visit  It is your battle.