Project Description


The overall goal of MY CHOICES…MY LIFE is for teens to learn to openly and constructively communicate with family, peers, and friends.

They will learn about the choices they make and the lasting consequences all of their decisions make. The end result being that they learn that even small changes can be the key to being a successful and productive adult.

This program, designed for adolescents, is free and let taught by volunteers and employees trained specifically for these classes.. It consists of 20 hours of educational sessions that also counts toward community service hours.

2021 My Choices classes will begin this April!

We are glad to be back working and mentoring some great teenagers.  If you are interested in these classes for your teen, they are open to everyone.  Give us a call at the House of Hope 931-707-2273 for more information


  • To discover information about different personalities.

  • To promote self-esteem and accept our differences

  • To develop and implement an action plan for positive change

  • To explore attitudes and values related to developing good decision making skills