In the year 2002, the House of Hope  finally came into fruition as the result of a desperate need in Cumberland County.  With the increasing removals of children from drug-endangered atmospheres, abuse and neglect, there needed to be a safe place for these children to stay until placement in foster care or relative care could be found.  Since the emotional effect of the situation on the children was devastating enough to have their world torn upside down, a desire to make the transition less traumatic was imminent.  Before 2002, these children either stayed with law enforcement officers or at the DCS office and placements could take up to 24 hours.  The House of Hope was created as a safe haven for these children during this transition.

The full functioning home encompasses loving staff and volunteers, meals, baths, play areas and anything to meet the needs of the children that come.  We are available 24/7, 7 days per week.

The House of Hope was termed after a child, Hope, who in 2002, was a fatal victim as the result of child abuse. In the developmental stages, House of Hope has taken their cues from Law Enforcement and the Department of Children’s Services in order to create programs and services specific to the needs of the children they protect. An open door of communication is in place so all involved may maintain the information they need to keep the children safe and out of harms way.


The individuals who drive the effort

Denise Melton
Denise MeltonExecutive Director
Denise has been here since 2005 dedicating her knowledge, her service and her love for children on a daily basis. She assesses the needs of the community and successfully creates and implements programs accordingly. You may contact her any time @ [email protected]
Cherryl Derrick
Cherryl DerrickAssistant Director
Cheryl is responsible for the evolution of all projects that come down via the director. She is the coordinator of the My Choices program and tends to all of the center’s communications. The center’s graphic design, artwork, creative works that are shared between the house and the community are generally a result of her efforts.
Hope Smith
Hope SmithChildren's Coordinator
Hope facilitates the Generation Next, Angel Tree, as well as other children programs as the House of Hope. Her amazing crafting skills create an excellent synergy with the children. With her excellent planning skills and her do-it-all capabilities, it is not difficult to see why the children’s programs are as successful as they are. Her desire to serve children knows no bounds.