Cumberland Woodturners break record once again

The Cumberland Woodturners have broken the Christmas ornament sales record in 2022, selling more than 700 custom ornaments and generating over $15,000 in local sales. The Woodturners pride themselves in giving back to the community by utilizing special projects and events.

This year, they continued teaming up with Dogwood Exchange, Village Green and the First National Bank for sales locations.

The recipients this year are House of Hope and Kids on the Rise, these serve hundreds of children throughout the year who are displaced due to circumstances far beyond their control. Donations will be presented to to Denise Melton, House of Hope Regional Director, and to Pam Buris of Kids on the Rise.

Club President Tom Neckvatal, along with the board of directors—Larry Lewis, Rodney Smith and Garron Reichers—will present the checks at the January club meeting.

The 2022 ornament sales smashed all previous years’ by a wide margin. This was due to the unselfish efforts of the Woodturners Club and assistance from both Angela Witzel, owner of the Dogwood Exchange, and the First National Bank staff.

Throughout the year, special challenges are designed for the Woodturners. Some of these finished products are now being sold at Witzel’s Homestead House Art Festivals. One unique challenge was salvaging prime walnut wood from a beautiful, handmade four-poster bed that was contributed by a local resident. All of this wood was designated for use in the Christmas ornaments.

An ongoing challenge includes boxes for Beads of Courage. This is a national challenge that began as a request of woodturning clubs to make wooden boxes for children who’re going through medical treatments. The children are rewarded with a custom glass bead as they complete various treatments, and they use the boxes to store them. This project has gained immense support, with several thousand boxes being donated to their cause.

Coupled with the Beads of Courage boxes is a wig-stand challenge. This supports both children and adults suffering from hair loss during cancer treatments by providing them with a place to store their wigs.

The Cumberland Woodturners consider their Christmas ornament project to be a club hallmark that serves the Crossville area with all proceeds remaining in the community. This is their thirteenth year doing projects that are dedicated to serving local charities.

The Woodturners are a collective of 65 men and women with the purpose of training, educating and motivating both beginners and those with experience in the art of woodturning. This is done through monthly meetings, workshops and mentoring, plus personalized training upon request.

A special thanks from the Cumberland Woodturners to all of the new and returning customers who purchased the ornaments. Your contributions are very much appreciated by the local charities being supported.

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